Thought I would send you pictures of my first ever routed tracks.  Decided
to build a banked oval to look like red clay.  Saw a picture in the
newspaper of our local dirt track and thought that would be fun to build.  
It is 5 lanes on a 8' x 16' table with 10 degree banked turns and the
banking  goes down the straight aways.  Uses the trakmate windows
lap counter.  I also decided because there was so much room in the infield to
build a 12' 4 lane Go Kart (or whatever) track to put their which can be
lifted out if desired.  We can now have 9 racers at the same time.  The 55's
Chevys do great on the banking,  of course we run everything else on it too.
I have been eyeing my other room which has a plastic scalextric 75' 4 lane
road course on a 10' 19' table.  Nice platform for another routed track.  
Thanks for all your info on the cd and track building materials.  I built
it all just using the lexan strips because I wanted to follow the natural
driving lines.  I was very surprised at how easy it was.
Thanks again   Tork   Virginia
Please contact Tork with any comments or questions