This is "Stuart in Dallas"  attached are images of the tracks I have created using your kit.

Being in the area of the country with no basements, I was forced to build the track in the
garage.  The track holds up very well to the heat of the summer, unlike my previous
plastic track.  The large track is 5 X 16 and, as you can see, folds against the wall when
not in use.  We get very bad hail storms here, so being able to get both cars in the
garage was important.  With the 5 foot width, it barely clears the garage door railing when
not in use.  Squeezing 3 lanes into a 5 foot width meant that I had share lanes a bit which
meant keeping everything flat.  Also, because it was going to be in a garage, I just used
craft paint to simulate grass.  The track runs great and there is plenty of grip once you
get your tires trued and super clean.

I had some scrap MDF left over so I also built a skip pad tuning after see a picture of one
that I think you did.  Also pictured is a small 4 X 8 track I built to learn the techniques
before tackling the big track.

We run on Saturday afternoons when the weather is nice,  which means October through
March.  Anyone passing through is welcome to join us, just let me know and we will try to
set something up.
Please contact Stuart with any comments or questions