Hello Luf, I thought I would send along pictures of my recently completed second track. I
finally built the autocross track that I had been talking about for some time, modelled after
ones I have seen on your site. It has turned out to be a lot of fun for just a single sheet of
MDF. I have routed in 14 parking spaces for racers waiting their turn, so the cars sit nice
and flat. I just need to follow up with a little more detailing on the traffic islands, and the
timing system will be next.  This track is a nice compliment to my existing compact modified
figure 8 track, as both are portable and tuck up out of the way in the garage. Looking
forward to the third track already in the planning stages, I am thinking it will be something
similar in size, shape and portability to "Gregory's third track".
Please contact Rich with any comments or questions