I spent a few time on your web site wich is really interesting. I recently made a wooden
track, wich is quite different than the ones you show as it is only 110X80 cm.

As I haven't many tools I started with two 0.8 cm thick boards, designing a horse shoe
track, with a single 'race line' slot.
The aim was to make a small track for my brother's Revell NSU, that's the reason why the
track is not wide.

I cut the first board after making holes to place the two boards exactly in the right way after
cuting the slot.

As my electric saw wasn't thick enough I used a piece of ** to enlarge it (see pic16)

Then painting is not special, with green on side and black paint mixed with thin sand to
make the 'road'. There are no scenery

For wiring I used two diferent materials, first something looking like braids, made for
unwelding found in DIY shop, and then some lead tape found in another shop (it's actually
made for casting churches windows).

Finally I put some white 'walls' all around to prevent cars from falling off the table.

You can see on the small bad quality video how it works (there's a hot spot in one corner
because of the slot beeing to thin there).
My next project is a rally track on a 200X100 board, as I like rally cars.
Please contact Ralph with any comments or questions