I'm building a Rally track that I'm planning to put into Car Shows, just to see what kind of response we get. It's
4'x8' and to get the elevation changes I wanted I decided to use 1/8" Lexan. Well, I got the elevation changes,
but I don't think it was worth the extra work and expense. I'll be back to using good old MDF for the next track.
The RAID track is for more experienced racers, I figured the Rally track should be easier for the public to drive.
We wanna get them interested, not frustrated.
Just in case anybody wants to build a track like this, I photographed each step.
The simple, cheap, and sane way to build a track is covered on our video.

The first thing I always do is draw it out on some graph paper, to decide on the overall layout.
Then I drew it out full size on a sheet of cardboard. This is the third version, it doesn't resemble the graph
paper sketch anymore, but it will be easier to drive.
I peeled the masking off the sheet of Lexan and laid it on top of the cardboard. Once the masking is off, you're
committed. This is where I started doubting my sanity.
All the routing was done using the Lexan strip. While it is possible to drive the nails right through the Lexan
sheet, you end up bending too many nails, so after a while I started drilling nail holes through the sheet.
Put a few nails in to get the shape of the curves...
...then start adding nails like this. If you start nailing from one end, you'll get some ugly little squiggles.
If you're not discouraged yet, go on to the next page...