With help from a bunch of the guys, we got everything running this weekend and most of the
scenery done as well. We'll turn everyone loose on this thing Monday night, and I hope to get
some good video
Opening night videos

Since everyone was new to the track, we put 5 Vanquish CanAms on the track and got the
guys to drive at about 9/10 ths just for the camera. Even with their bigger size, the straight was
not a problem. The first clip is
a bunch of laps (4mb), then some shots of the straight (3.2mb).
The next clip is a few laps from
different angles (5.7mb) and then some shots of one of the
sweepers (1.1mb). Here's some nice slo motion action (4.2mb) and then some video of the
TransAm race (3.4mb)

We only raced the Scalextric TransAms, in an IROC format, and it was possible to win in every
lane...they seem to be very even, and most of the "offs" were in the twisty sections
New videos, Oct 24

Some in-car camera stuff, following four CanAms
on the straight, counterclockwise, and one lap of a race
The view from the
scorekeeper's chair and a couple of the sweepers
Now I guess I gotta clean up my mess and add some skirting, but we've been having too much
fun testing the track