Well I did it over in early July! The new Autodrome in Oakville Ont.  
sits on the footprint of its predecessor. So I've gone from 50 some  
odd feet of fourlane Scalextric to 55' of three lane routed on fine  
particle board to 65' three lanes on MDF, in three years. The latest  
effort is smooth, nicely grippy with CIL flat latex. Hot time is 7.3  
and change with a well tuned  Racing Spirit Dallara on Ortmans. But  
the new track works very well with all tires, except maybe Fly  and  
Carrera slicks.Old scenery has been updated a touch and the track is  
lit nicely with 20 Lionel street lights. I redid the control stations  
so there is room to place about four cars per driver, while not in  
use. Usually run at about 10 or 11 volts. SCX cars like 12v for some  
giddy up. Anything with a Fox, drop it to 8 volts. PM controlers.  
Timing is SRM with light sensors.
Please email Marek with any comments or questions