If you would like a link to your website, please e-mail me
The club site for Scale Auto Racing in Houston, Texas
A slot car club in Germany
A bunch of the guys that race with us also race in the Greater Vancouver HO Slotcar Club
one of the best slot car forums in the free world
Slot Car Illustrated Online Magazine
Apollo Hobbies, where most of us get our slot cars and parts
The INDEC Race Track in Austria, it's huge!
There's a TON of slot car activity in South Africa, some very nice wood tracks, too.
Jim has started a website for Vancouver Island racers
Here's a link to a Spanish Slot Car Forum
A very nice wood track at a club in Denmark
Ken's first wood track, in Woodstock, Georgia
Gert's Slot Car Club in Denmark
A slotcar site in Sweden
A slotcar club in Norway
Achim's beautiful 1/24 scale track in Germany, great detailing
Wayne's Piston Head Raceway
Microtuning Slot Car Club in Aviles Asturias, Spain
Looks like Erwin makes custom plastic track sections, nice stuff
A club in Verona, Italy
Andreas' Carrera track in Germany
Santiago Vicente has built some great tracks in Brazil, visited by all the Brazilian F1 drivers
A link to SlotFire in Germany, where they have pictures of customer's tracks DSCF (Deutsches Slotcar-Forum) is "the" big independent
Slotcar-Forum in german language
Lots of pictures of a very nice wood track in Copenhagen, Denmark
A club in Paris, France. Lotsa pictures of tracks and cars
A Rally Club in Spain...lots of pictures and beautiful scenery
Jean Luc has a slotcar site and a Rally site in France...good stuff
Stephen's "On the Hill Gang" Slot Racing in Los Angeles
Mirko's Carrera track in Dortmund, Germany
A slotcar club in Belgium with two wood tracks
A slotcar website in Austria
Tony's Rally track in Sweden
Matthias in Germany...track and scratch building
Slot Racers of Ontario...several great wood tracks
Sergio's home track in Spain
Iceman's Custom Decals, or email him at is a new site that just went LIVE in 2006. We offer H/O, 1/32 and 1/24
discussions. A car/track photo gallery. Local clubs. Swap meets. Vendors too. Even a monthly
'score keeping' Arcade.  Plus jokes and caption contests, and lots more.
Rino's club in Italy
A plastic track with great scenery...Autumn Hills Raceway in Portland, Oregon
A HUGE 4 lane wood track in Germany
Stephane's track in France
Axel's slotcar website in Germany
Jorge in Valencia
Jimmy C here from Elgin, Il.  I am working on a personal slotcar website.
Dave Kennedy's Slotcar News....I update my site daily with slot car
news and real racing news.
The Italian Slot Portal
Helmut in Germany
We are two brothers with a slot blog. We talk about slot in Spain, in the World and in Europe, Circuits,
preparation of slot cars, Club Slot Salamanca, competitions, equipment and everything with videos
Our site seeks to preserve slot car racing and promote it by educating people about the entire hobby.
Seeing as it was your site that inspired me to start my own project, I thought you might appreciate seeing
what I'm up to...
Still under construction obviously, but I'll be updating regularly to keep everyone abreast of the progress
I send you the photos of my track, home of19 th INTERNATIONAL Vintage Slot Meeting Turin Italy and 3
European Proxy Race.
Hi Luf, If you click on the link it will show you my online album with pics of my new wood track,
I 'Jigsawed' the track from 6mm MDF, It would be great if you could show them on your web site,
The track is cut so that you can oval race or road race just by moving the flippers,
Juan in Spain
To see how to control two cars in one slot independently, with out the expense of digital, go to
Roland in Germany
Rick at Onslot Racing      

Check out his slotcar
Bob's Slot Site

I am connected with RCT in Spain which I see is already in your list.
Milo's Slot-It commercial, filmed on our Targa Burnaby track
Dav Slotracing in France
Emilio in Spain
David Vila (slotcondals) in Spain
Custom Slot Cars and thousands if decals in 1/24th and 1/32nd

Jim Heller
Miniature Racing Center
Hi there
I have been admiring your tracks. My name is Craig and I belong to the Hawkes Bay Slot Car Club in NZ. You
can here to this link which is our website.

Or you can go to here which is the New Zealand site.

I’m presently looking at the designs and I love the Speedway design that you have. I see that you have
“retired” bracketed to it. Is that because you don’t race on it and is mothballed?  Anyway I hope you enjoy our
sites as much as I’m enjoying yours