I used your routing kit and with the exception of the wider oval turn, ALL curves were made using your
lexan strip.

It worked out fantastic and allowed for smooth flowing corners. I think too many people who make their
own mdf track end up with something that looks like a plastic track, only made out of wood. To me, the
whole point of the routed layout is being able to make anything you want without being restricted to just
a couple different radius turns.

My layout is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide at one end, 5.5 feet wide at the other end. It incorporates an
egg shaped 45 foot oval and a 76 foot infield road course.

This is accomplished by using 2 removable sections that screw into the back stretch..one for the oval
and one for the road course. They plug into the main layout with a simple 6 pin molex plug.

We stretched 2 of the lanes on the narrower end of the infield to try and even out the lanes a little.. It
worked perfectly as all three road course lanes run within a tenth of a second of each other.  

My drivers stations were made by Steve at http://www.slotcarcorner.com/ , I can highly recommend his
work. My stations each include a reversing switch to run the track in either direction, adjustable brakes,
a track call button, a push type fuse and 2 methods of controller hookup. They are fantastic.
Please contact Kevin with any comments or questions
(this is Dickie (nhdungeonracer) getting ready to make more dust)