Here are some pics of my new track I am building "Petit Sebring" in  
north Texas. Each lane has 3 starting positions which will depend on your  
qualifying and luck of the draw. The track will be roughly 17' x 13' complete  with
hangars,planes,water tower,pedestrian bridges,haybales,two  surfaces(concrete &
asphalt),pits,spectators,track marshals and plenty of  cones
Ferrari leading Chap and GT40                                 Through Big Bend
Chaparral out brakes  the duo                                   Should have some close racing in this turn.
Ferrari and Ford battle behind 2F                              The squeeze down to the Hairpin
I did the start line the way I did to add a twist to the average "line'm up and go ".You qualify to pick
the lane color you want to start on but you draw for what starting slot in that color. This gives you that
Hap Sharp or AJ Foyt Sebring start,You maybe pole position but you may also be the last car to
leave the grid do to mechanical problems or simply slower running across the track and/or getting the
car fired up.I also like the idea of other cars crossing in front of you on the start. You have to think a
little bit about your driving the same way when you head into squeeze at the hairpin every lap.
Please contact Joe with any comments or questions