Now that Vancouver has lost it's Molson Indy race, we've decided to hold our own

It's a portable, 3 lane track that we plan to set up at various events. It consists of three 4'x8' sheets of MDF
and has a fairly simple lay-out, but it still follows the basic lay-out of the Vancouver Indy street course.

We'll use an adjustable power supply and probably run sedans for most of the public, but we'll have Ninco
Indy cars for those that get the hang of it.
One lap looking ahead and one looking back with the InCar camera...7.7mb
Our only
Ninco Indy car right now...power set at 6V...3.4mb
Various cars at
regular speed...power set at 10V...4.8mb
The same clip at
30% SloMo...some nice sliding action...12.8mb
Here's the track set up in a hotel in Whistler, for the Porsche Club weekend