The road track was built to get away from the crappy Scalextrix track and that there is three of us on a
regular basis, I decided to make a track. Best thing I have ever done, should have done it years ago and
saved all the agro and hair pulling.
The road track is 26.4 meters long, 3 lanes routed, all flat, no hills, bumps or banking. Fastest lap is
7.461 for home built cars (foam tires, Cox motors, etc) and factory cars run in the high 9's
The home built cars are great fun and very quick, but since they have brought out the 'Stangs, Camaros
and 'Vettes and all the Carrera models, we have been running a Historic Touring Car Class as all the cars
are all the same performance wise and are a lot cheaper to buy. They have also just released the local
V8 Supercars over here, only 4 to start with and last years model as well, but it's a start, so we run them
as well, everything nice and even and no bitching.
If you want to have a look at them, go to
Arm Chair Racer, or if you want transfers, try Patto's Place.
If you have any questions or comments, you can
email Gary