It's a single lane routed track 14 meters long with a hump and a hill. Very tight and no lap
is ever the same. We run one round each meeting, each round has 3 heats, and each heat
is 5 laps, fastest time wins. Points are awarded for heat wins and for round win. Fastest
single lap so far is 9.997, fastest heat (5 laps) 52.998 and fastest round (15laps) 2:40.833
If you have questions or comments, please
email him.
New addition to Craig's Rally track,the extension increases the track to just over 41 meters and is
interchangeable with Gary's Main and add-on tracks.With the 2 permanent and the 4 add-ons that
gives us over 60 different track combinations to race on
Gary has added the center section to
extend the track to 26 meters
Nice work!