Much inspired by your website I ordered your lexan strip, bought myself a router and set to
work making a simple test track in my loft. Having never tried much woodworking ever
before I thought I would try and make a three lane track to fill the available space in my loft
with a few squeezes thrown in to make racing a bit harder!

Several winter evenings later and I had a simple three lane track routed, a bit more work
saw the copper tape and electrics put together and cars were tested in all three lanes -
and quite amazingly it worked!!!

As I have read on your website most people are thinking about their next track before they
finish their first, and I am no exception - since November when I first put a few bits of wood
into my loft I have decided to lay a bit of artificial grass to make the circuit a bit more
lifelike, but I am not going to do a great deal more to the track apart from race with my two
children on it. I must say that building a track by hand is very satisfying and with a little bit
of patience is relatively easy to do (although I have not spent a lot of time or money on
scenery yet - maybe on my next track!)
Please contact Andrew with any comments or questions