Midford Combe Circuit.
The two Lane track was constructed in May/June 2006. Track length is 34’. The track is scenic in nature a
represents a typical English Country Race Track of  the late 50’s/early
The track was routed using  the Archer Raceway’s Lexan strip system. None of the corners are of constant radius.
Track base is 12mm MDF with 3.2mm slot width and 8mm slot depth. Lanes are spaced 80mm apart with
significant run-off areas on the outside of bends. Lane Tape is 7/32” self adhesive copper.
Track surface is hand painted with Sandtex Smooth exterior wood primer, which has a satin finish.

Power is from 2 No. standard Scalextric Power (13.8 Volts, 0.8 Amps) supplies which feed individual powerbase
points, located beneath the track. There are a total of three power feeds around the track. Controllers are Prof.
Motor Electronic units.
Lap Counting  is via dead-strip connected to a DS 200 Lap Counter. This gives lap times to three decimal places.
It also allows races to be run over set periods, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. Connection of the system to a laptop
running DS’s own software is planned for the future.

The current lap record for the track is 4.132 seconds held by a Scalextric Bugatti EN, with HRS Sidewinder
chassis, 29K Slot.it motor and Ortman rear tyres.
Typical lap times for Slot.it 956/962’s are 4.5’ish seconds(Ortmans), with the latest SCX models, Cupra, DBR9 etc,
in the 4.8 second range(Again with Ortmans).
A variety of tyres have been tried on the track and Ortmans give by far the best results. SCX and Scalextric tyres
give fair grip, Ninco is poor, (apart from the narrow classic tyres). All the current range of Slot.it tyres have been
tried and give fair performance. The Slot.it S1 Silicon tyre has been tried and gave good performance, as did both
current types of NSR tyre.
Fly Classic tyres give good grip, but not their latest type of tyre such as fitted to the Porsche, BMW M1 etc.
(Strange this as it is the complete opposite of their performance characteristics  on Scalextric Sport track).
Most motors work well here, as top end performance is not necessary. The Slot.it range of motors are very good,
as is the Ninco NC-5. Standard Fly/ Scalextric motors are almost as good. The new SCX motors work well here as
their lack of top end power is not relevant.

A Pictorial lap of the circuit.
The start line.
The exit from the first
bend leading into the
“esses” section.. Tricky
bend as it tightens on
exit. Good grip required
The “esses” section.
The bottom hairpin.
Quicker than it looks.
Track starts to rise on
the exit to this section.
After a 5’ rising
straight section this
is the next bend,
again it tightens on
exit before entering
the main straight,
which is 8’ long. The
track is still rising at
this point to its
maximum height of
The trickiest corner on the
layout, it is descending,
adverse camber, tightening
on exit and cars with too
much grip will tend to “hop”
around here
The final small “esses”
section sweeping into the
Start/Finish straight.
Please contact Alan with any
comments or questions